Freedom with passive income

By first sight, the below picture has nothing to do with crowdlending, from an investors perspective……or does it?

Back to nature, 1945 – by Robert Storm Pedersen

This watercolor drawing is made by the Danish cartoonist, inventor, painter, etc. Robert Storm Pedersen in 1945, right after the end of WW2 and he named it “back to nature”. Denmark had just been liberated from the German occupation and the politicians urged the labor force to work hard and increase the production – “we must work harder, more hours and increase production” – have we heard that before – or after?? – apparently not much has happened since 1945!

Robert Storm Pedersen tried to come up with another message though. I doubt he meant we should all leave everything and start vagabonding but maybe the key to happiness was not to find by working, earning money, spending them, earning more money, etc.  Maybe we should step out of the treadmill?

This discussion is still actual – maybe, even more, today than back in 1945. And in relation to this, you can ask yourself the question: why do I invest?

Because of interest? Because I have nothing better to do with my money? Or is it because I prefer to let my money work for me and hopefully earn a monthly passive income, which maybe will allow me to stop working – or at least allow me to stop worrying about being able to pay my bills.

We all have our own individual reasons for investing. For some, it’s the FIRE dream of financial freedom they hope one day will come true.  For others, it’s simply the wish for earning a passive income which can complement the monthly salary earnings. 

Obviously, I can only speak for myself, but to me investing is the wish to see my savings grow and let the money I have earned work for me. I’m 42 now, too old for retiring at the age of 45 or similar as I started investing too late in my life. But in general, investing in order to secure just a minor passive income is never too late! And I can’t see myself working when I am 70 years old.

I have my employer administrated pension savings but a little more income would always come in quite handy. And if I have managed to save enough up to step back and work fewer weekly hours because of this I’ll be happy.

I believe many of us in this forum dream about being that smiling vagabond leaving the common employee to stay in the queue while he wanders away with his hands in his pockets. Not that we all want to leave the job market but less can do.

Personally, I dream about generating a passive income which allows me to retire at the age of 65. If not earlier – but I doubt that is realistic. Retirement, when I am 65-66, is a realistic goal though.

But freedom is not only about not working at all or retiring from work early in your life. It’s (in my opinion) about being able to step back, maybe beginning on a new education if you want to go new ways in your life. Or simply work less but still work.

Please, let me hear about your views on passive income. Have you any plans for early retirement? Or do you just want to secure an extra monthly income?

By the way: I love this picture and it explains economical freedom better than a thousand words.