About me

My name is Lars, I am 42 years old and lives in Silkeborg, Denmark. I am married and have three children.

I am not a professional investor, nor do I have a background in the financial sector. I am educated in technical export sales and management and I have worked in the export sector during the last 18 years.

My interest in crowdlending investments comes from my wish about earning a monthly passive income, which on a long term view could possibly set me financially free. Not that I want to stop working but I would like to have the choice of doing so.

I started investing in ETF’s (Exchange Traded Fund) a few years ago as I prefer the buy-and-hold strategy. I view investments in a long term perspective, which is at least 10 years to me.

If you are searching for ideas to a fast economic spin-off this site is not for you. Then I’d suggest you should try day-trading or something similar. My articles will be concentrated on investments in business loans and development projects.

You will not find any recommendations for any specific investment projects here. I am not a financial advisor but I list up some possible investment opportunities for you and It’s your decision whether you want to invest or not. Furthermore, I am open to providing information about the business loans and projects in which I have invested. With this, I hope we can all learn and earn more from our investments.

I wish you all the best with your crowdlending investments. Please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter or sending me an email on info@crowdlendinginvestments.com

You are also welcome to look at my LinkedIn profile and link up with me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lars-d%C3%BCrr-hellegaard-79001730/