Grupeer transfer methods

Two days ago I received this mail from Grupeer (which is one of my favourite crowdlending platforms):

This was the bank account I normally use when transferring money from my Revolut account. Initially, I believed I had to make ordinary (and costly) bank transfers from my Danish bank account from now on, but luckily that was not the case.

I wrote them an email today at 08.42 and asked if their Baltic International Bank account could be used for Revolut transfers and shortly after (at 08.58 actually) they confirmed it can.

Some investors in various Facebook groups have often complained about long response times when having contacted the Grupeer support, but I have never experienced that. And in my opinion, a response time of 16 minutes is very acceptable.

However, Revolut can still be used for transfers and I am happy as I hate paying for a money transfer when I can have it for free.

I wish you all a nice day 😊

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